About us

It all started with a beater…

I made my first cake when I was 21. It was my best friend’s birthday and I was nominated to make the cake. It’s a good thing that I don’t get discouraged too easily because though she loved it, I knew I needed some work to reach the level of my favorite decorators on TV. It was my favorite thing to do back then; I would come home from college every Sunday for church and spend all afternoon watching Ace of Cakes with mom.

Some random day between junior and senior year at Georgia State, I knew I needed a change. To be truthful, it wasn’t so random: I was quickly falling out of my love with music and was weary that I was comitting to a career that I would never truly embrace. I thought about my fondest memories… many of which included countless hours in the kitchen with my mom or Aunt Mary Helen typically begging for the beater. I’d lick every nook and cranny till it was without spot. My eyes would turn to sadness starring at my bare beater and then the sound of a glass bowl sliding across the table turned my entire world upside down. “You mean, I get to lick the bowl?!”

It wasn’t difficult to decide what I should do after graduation, I just needed help. The obvious choice were my lifelong cooking partners, my mom and big sis. We rented a space downtown and from day one, we were booked every weekend for almost 2 years.

We quickly outgrew our space and started looking elsewhere but a new move meant a lot of cash. Looking for said cash during the recession wasn’t the most promising idea ever so after a while, we decided to take a break. I moved to San Francisco to study under some amazing decorators and learned more than I could’ve imagined. I was asked to take over a prominent bakery in the hippest area of the city but I knew I wasn’t supposed to stay.

Two weeks after I arrived back in Atlanta, I met my now husband, Daniel. He encouraged us to reopen and to not get discouraged by the banks. Thank God for family. We were able to reopen in our hometown of Stone Mountain with their help and everything we serve is from our collective cookbooks. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Shellane Brown
Sugar Artist/ Co-Owner

Shellane is the cake boss at Apple-Butter Bakery. She enjoys decorating and singing... preferably loudly and at the same time.

Veronica Pickett
Bakery Manager/Co-owner

Veronica is the real boss at the bakery... since she birthed us and all. She makes sure everything is handled so we can all do what we love.

Erica Houston-Pickett
Head Baker/ Co-Owner

Erica is the super baker at Apple-Butter. She arrives early and stays late to jam by herself and bake without judgement.

Melissa Vidal
Assistant Cake Decorator/Baker

Melissa joined our family when she was still a teenager. She now makes most of our cakes while we make sure she stays away from boys and high interest credit cards. 

Paula Botello
Bakery Assistant/Consultant

Paula enjoys baking as well as brussel sprouts and cardio. You can find her at the bakery hosting consultations and making sure we all eat our fiber.

Daniel Brown

Daniel is the helpful and supportive husband of Shellane. Even though he's off opening his own coffee shop, he often returns to help when it gets extremely busy around here.