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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping/delivery options for online orders?

While we are working on shipping details for the future, we currently do not ship products. Delivery may be applied to any order for an additional fee. All other orders are available for pickup from our Stone Mountain store.

Do you have minimums on custom cake orders?

Depending on which decorator you choose, our minimums for custom cakes are $100 from the assistant decorator and $500 from the head decorator. Please note that our assistant decorator is only available to make simpler custom cakes and buttercream cakes.

Why do I need to have a budget/pricepoint when ordering specialty/wedding cakes?

We have a very simple formula that calculates the price per serving plus the price per decorating hour for specialty cakes. These prices never change per customer but it helps determine how elaborate and detailed the cake will be. For example, a shopping-themed cake can be as simple as a single shoe box or it can be a 4 foot tall masterpiece with moving parts and lights. It all depends on how much cake is involved and how many hours we can spend making it. Please be prepared to either give detailed design instructions or a pricepoint so we can illustrate how elaborate your next cake will be.

If I place a non-specialty/wedding cake order online, how soon will my order be ready?

We are working to obtain improved response time for online orders. Currently, orders placed on-line will be ready for pick-up/delivery betwen 48-72 hours.  

How much lead-time is needed to make a specialty/wedding cake?

4-6 weeks notice is preferred for specialty cakes and 3-6 month notice on wedding cakes but require a minimum of one week for specialty cakes. Many times, these cakes require materials that aren't kept on hand or includes decorations that need to made ahead of time. In any case, please call to see if there's any availability if you find yourself in a pinch.

Do you offer products for customers with dietary restrictions?

Our menu includes dairy-free and nut-free items. We operate from a 100% peanut-free facility. If you have special-dietary requirements, please contact us and request an addition to our menu.

I have a specific color theme. Are you able to match colors?

We are able to match colors to your theme. For the most accurate match, please bring in swatches for us to keep during the making of your order. Emailed swatches may be used but keep in mind that different screens may display colors differently. Also, our kitchen is appropriately lit with fluorescent lights. If your cake is displayed under non-fluorescent lights, the color may appear slightly different. Pink, purple, and blue are unstable colors and may fade or otherwise discolor over time therefore cannot be garaunteed.  

What's your return policy?

We aim to provide the best experience possible for our customers. If you're not pleased with the design of your cake during pick-up, please let us know so that we can make adjustments to your liking or issue a refund (as long as the cake has not been accepted). If your cake is to be delivered, we will provide a refund as long as the cake has not been accepted. If the taste of your cake is not to your liking, refunds will be made as long as 90% of the cake remains and has been brought back within 24 hours.

What's your delivery/pick-up policy?

We are proud to offer delivery to our local customers as well as those in neighboring states. If your order is to be delivered, the final payment is due one week before (as opposed to during pickup). Delivery fees can be obtain after the submission of the address and date/time. (Off-hour delivery fees start at $60.) Once your order has left the bakery, it is the property of the purchaser. Including delivery will ensure safe travels to your destination. If picking up your order, please slow down and avoid any obstructions in the road. We cannot gaurantee the appearance of our products after it has left the bakery.

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