The time has come for you to plan the wedding of your dreams! Your Pinterest board is full of gorgeous cakes, dresses, and centerpieces and now comes the task of figuring out how to transplant those images into your reception. Well, we’ve been there so we’re here to help you. Check out our checklist below on how to order the most amazing wedding cake EVER!

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How To Order A Wedding Cake

Choose a Decorator

Our cake decorators are artists in their own right. They both have different skills, strengths, styles and minimum order requirements. Before starting, take a look at their descriptions to find which one is the better fit for your event by clicking here.p>

Consult the Budget Committee

Planning a wedding is just as much about managing budgets as it is creative directing. Our base price for naked cakes start at $4.00, Buttercream at $5.00, and Fondant at $6.00 per slice. Consider this when deciding how much cake to serve and how elaborate the design. Visit our new Pricing page for starting prices of our buttercream wedding cakes.

Narrow down your Pinterest/Inspiration Board

We know you love all 217 cakes on your “Dream Wedding Cake Board” but try to narrow those down to about 4 max, note what you like about each, and print (in color please).

Pick up a sampler box and schedule a consultation

First things first. You want to make sure that you actually enjoy our cakes. You can stop by anytime we’re open to purchase a sampler box of four different cupcakes for $13. This cost is applied to your order of $200 or more. Make sure to visit on a day when your flavor is available by clicking here.

Not sure of a design yet? Schedule a design consultation by giving us a call at 678-476-0902. Consultations are held Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-6pm. Bring those ‘dream cakes’, color/pattern swatches, and other inspiration to your consultation along with your cake budget in mind.

Already know what you’d like? Are you unavailable to come in for a consultation? No problem! We conveniently consult with most brides via email. Just click here and we’ll send you back a quote range and work with you to fine tune the details. Yes, it is that easy!

Submit your order

Describe your design, choose your flavors, and list other pertinent information on our online order form or during your consultation. Your deposit can be paid in person, over the phone or on paypal. Click here for the form.

Choose your favorite customized wedding cake

After your designer sketches out designs specifically for you two, it’s now time to make the difficult task of choosing one. Adjustments can always be made to fine tune the designs up to 30 days before the wedding.

Take care of the rest

Of course you can pay in whatever increments you’d like as long as it’s paid in full 30 days before the big day. (Take my advice and knock it out earlier so that’s one less thing off your plate).

Eat and be married

Enjoy your day, love and be loved. Try to eat some of your beautiful cake but if not, take some home and enjoy later. (We’ll bring a small box for ya.)

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